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A Unique Coffee Bar Design

I can’t resist a bargain

Hey ya’ll! Happy New Year’s Eve! As we welcome in 2019, I’m reflecting on what a crazy ride this year has been! Am I the only one? It just flew by. But I guess when you start a remodel, and a blog, that turns into a business…it flies, right? Well one crazy reflection of this past year is this coffee bar design! My goodness, If there ever was a piece of furniture under the heavens that I just wanted to throw a match on and walk away….this was it!

The only reason I didn’t….it was free of course! Ha ha, you know how much I love a bargain. When we showed up at 11 at night to pick it up from the driveway, I understood why. This thing weighed a ton! It had a cracked marble top on it, a THICK marble top. Plus it was solid wood in and out. But nonetheless we loaded in the car and got it home. When I went to open the trunk the next morning to inspect it, the spare tire flies out and hits me square in the shin! Ouch! My brother, in his infinite wisdom, thought it was a good idea to booby trap the trunk with the spare tire.

Anyway, we got it as far as out of the trunk.

The marble had to go

After a lot of brain trust (laughing so hard right now), we decided that to move it the marble had to go. We got the sledge hammers, and got out a little bit of frustration in the process. Beating the marble off of the piece actually was a really fun team building exercise if you choose to look at it that way. Picking up all that crushed marble…not so much. But it will filter my planter nicely in the spring, because it didn’t make it any farther than the porch. Yeah…we are wimps.

Once the marble was gone, it was still heavy, but manageable. We got it into the garage and I inspected it. So after some research I learned it was a dresser in a ritzy hotel in Vegas. So it got sanitized!! In all things for the house, we use a majority vote for design decisions. I wanted to do something funky with it, and I got that, but only if I could mix it with Hopsack by Valspar for the overall body (link is below).

Deciding on a design

So it sat, and sat, and sat. I kept bouncing around about how I wanted to do it. Finally, I watched a IG Story by Lynette with Superb Curb Refurb, where she did a hashtag dry brushing on some drawer fronts. I was intrigued.

So that night I got the body of it painted in that Hopsack color that I still hate, but I lost the vote so I’m not going to dwell. I got the drawer fronts sanded down and my brother worked on getting the adhesive off of the top. Those drawer fronts had the most gorgeous wood under them….so did the door! So I stained it with Minwax Wiping Stain in Dark Roast, they don’t make it anymore, so I can’t give you a link. It is my favorite stain for wood, so I’m going to have to start shopping around for a new one.  But I digress!  While the stain cured, I called it a night and tried to wrap my head around the design.

So LIVE number one, which is linked here, is me doing the finish on the drawer fronts. I love how these came out. I taped them off, and the plan was to border them in each of the three colors I used on them. Yeah, as you can see below, that didn’t quite mesh with that coffee/parchment color. So I bordered them all in the Hopsack. Looked good. So on to the door.

On this LIVE, I did my homemade chalk paint. It is an easy recipe. It is a paint sample or a cup of paint in satin or matte finish. here is a link for what I use.  (It is a paint sample for Valspar Interior paint.  Lowes doesn’t carry all of their colors in store, but if you order it online you can get them….and it’s only $3.98, with shipping free for in store pick up!)  4 Tbsp. Calcium Carbonate link, and 1 Tbsp Talc link. Distilled water to the consistency you want. I use an old blender I got at Goodwill for $5 to mix it up and then pour it in a mason jar.  I get them by the case here.

Sometimes it’s a process

I thought it would look so cool if I did the same effect on the door. WRONG! You can see the video where this just looked wrong here.

Any furniture painter, or DIYer that says it comes out perfect every time is lying. Sometimes it truly is a process. Great thing about paint, is you can always fix it. So I just used the Hopsack on the door and called it a day. I may go back later and do a transfer or even stencil it, but for now, plain jane it is. I was just ready to be done with it.

So we moved on to the top. It was scarred and bruised from carrying all that marble, but it had a beauty to it. It looks worn and weathered, like it has been to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. I like that in wood. So I did a dark roast stain on it as well and called it a day. This piece we sprayed the polycrylic on because it was so huge and honestly, I was ready to be done. We used Geneneral Finishes High Performance Top Coat, the link to that is ‘ target=”_blank”>here.

Hardware is important

Ok, so I am finicky about my hardware. I always want everything just so. But recently I am getting more adventurous. Now, part of this was on purpose, part not. But I love the look so it is staying.

So for the small handles I was set on these rustic pulls, easy peasy. To match on the bottom drawers, I found these cool cup pulls that were oxidized the same way, but have little roosters on them. We also picked the large pull for the door. I know it looks like it doesn’t match here, but it does…promise. Anywho, we go to put them on, the screws aren’t long enough. So we got some screws out of my storage bin that were perfect. I dug the different mettalics, and it played into the drawer finish, so I’m keeping them. The links for the hardware is attached to each picture.

I just am in love with it. It works well in its space and now I don’t have sugar packets or pods building up on the bar. It’s the perfect height too. I also love that it sits on the floor, because we have dogs, and live in the country, so that could be a huge double whammy on cleaning day.

So it survived being lit on fire, and I am sure we will love it for a long time. I might stencil it later, but right now, I’m going to kick my feet up and finish my cup of coffee.

Until next time,

Tina Marie

Olde Made New



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