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Welcome to Olde Made New! My name is Tina Marie.  I look forward to welcoming you into my crazy little world and sharing my passion with you!  I love ALL things DIY!  I get such joy from creating something beautiful out of something someone discarded.  That is how it started and where the name came from, but it has grown into so much more.   I didn’t arrive here alone though, I had a lot of really great gals help me along the way and I want to just pay that forward.  As women, we need to build one another up, help the person behind us and cheer them on as they reach their goals…no matter what they may be!  Business, a project, education, or raising our next generation!

Some history….

My mom was superwoman.  Red billowing cape and all.  She was a stay at home mom, married to a military man, and she did her dang job like nobody’s business!  She always strove to be very crafty, from sewing clothes I was embarrassed to wear, to crafts at Christmas.  Her Grandma was a true DIYer before it was cool and imparted that to her.  So I learned knitting and crochet and got a DIY bug really young.  I would crochet gifts for family, and became the crafty Auntie that wrangled the kids at Christmas with Countdown Chains and Magic Keys, Reindeer Feed, and Monogrammed Stockings to name a few.  But I had a child and a full time job and bills to pay, so it was always just a hobby, but I would come to find out I had a very creative soul.

I have SLE (Lupus) and have been permanently disabled for about 13 years, but after doing hospice for my Grandmother, my Mother, and watching my brother pass away, I know I have zero interest in dying or acting like I am.  I tell everyone I am stronger than my disease is through sheer will, and most days that is true.  That wasn’t by choice always, but it is now a badge I wear with honor.

My mother passed away three years ago now, and I was lucky enough to inherit the family home which is a 40-year-old double wide mobile home with a foundation and a den and garage addition…..which was literally falling down around my ears! Try to envision a two acre property overgrown with milk weeds that had become trees, an abandoned goat pen turned forest, a garage that was a black hole catch all for garbage, and a yard full of 30 cars that someone was going to “get around to” fixing and reselling just abandoned.  So I had to just start! I had my two nephews living with me in a foster type situation, and I just could not quit.  So I took to the internet and just started.

Today, the house is on solid, clear ground and being filled with happy memories.  My father has remarried a wonderful woman and is happy.  My two handsome nephews (who homestead with me) are both thriving, and my baby brother occupies the same property in his own home.  My beautiful daughter makes me so proud and thanks to her, I am a grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren (possibly growing very soon) who are the light of my life. Then, with all those blessings already, I finally find work that I love!


The reason I’m here….

When I first got to work on the house, my savings was depleted, and I was living on disability….with two teenagers. So I had to learn how to do things fast, on my own, and as affordable as possible. I know that I’m not the first person to encounter this predicament. So to the internet I ran! I would read and watch, I went to the library and got books, I would make a plan, and then we would execute.  I completed all the work on my own, with my money and no debt. It is a beautiful space and we are coming along. The interior big stuff is done.  Floors, ceilings, counters, cabinets, walls, and appliances.  We have a little left to button up and then we are on to the outside.  But the pride I feel when I look around is already amazing!

Once we got the big stuff done, I started on furnishings. All the furniture was trashed, and honestly my taste and my mother’s taste is very very different. Naturally I took to thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and LetGo. Then I found Pinterest and away I went. I could look past all the damage in a piece of furniture and see the finished product. I would spend hours looking at different ideas until it sparked my concept and I would go looking for something to suit my purposes. There were some bad buys, I had a few projects that I scrapped for hardware or wood, but when I got the knack of it, I was off and running. Each finished piece becomes my new favorite!  And without advertising, I get commission pieces I can do for a little extra cash which is always nice.

My hope for this adventure….

So one last tidbit about me. My mind is sometimes like a UHD TV with surround sound, volume turned up, and someone is changing the channel every second. This is why I am so passionate about what I do–I learned I’m not crazy…I’m CREATIVE!  Finally, my mind is at ease about insanity and I can zero in on the chatter, and oh my goodness the peace I find when I’m in my workshop with my sander or a paint brush–it’s indescribable! So why not share that wonder with the world!

I will explain from start to finish my entire process for each project. I will tell you exactly what worked for me and what didn’t. Oh the things I’ve learned this way! You will also see round-ups of some of my favorite inspirations to find your own!  I just want to pay that forward. Everyone can’t hire a contractor, or afford that antique store price tag, or let’s face it…that Walmart price tag sometimes. We will talk about how to raise money for projects, where I found the best place to go for different projects, and how to cover or fix that imperfection that can’t be called “character”. The world is full of forgotten treasures that just need a little TLC to become a crown jewel!  We will also talk about crafts, remodel projects, recipes, and sometimes even living with a disability.  I am a woman of faith, so of course that will be peppered in there too!

So welcome, and let’s make the world new again! Feel free to comment or leave any questions below and I look forward to hearing about all of YOUR amazing ideas and seeing your finished projects.


All the best,


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  1. Jeanne Craner says:

    Hi Tina, checking out your website. It is awesome. I am in the process of building mine. I checked the All in On Business website. Looks great. I tried to sign up but looks as though PayPal is not linked yet. I wil keep checking. Also, Iwill be signing up with Chalk Couture through you!!!!! See you on Creative Spirit where I will debuting very soon as well. Thanks for all your hard work and support.
    Worked on FB biz page yesterday: Homemade Magic by Genie. See you there.

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