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DIY Makeover! But not every piece is perfect….

I don’t know how it is in other parts of the world, but whenever I go to garage sales, troll marketplace, or thrift store shop I find so much stuff that I could fix with just a paintbrush and I want to take it all home! Unfortunately, these pieces are not always those solid wood antiques everyone wants. They are usually either so busted up it scares everyone away, or it is made of laminate or a veneer that has been damaged so they don’t bother.

That’s what happened with “Big Blue”. I know he isn’t blue yet, but he will be.  I have been watching him on marketplace for months. The price started at $150, and I got this big boy for $25!!! I guess my mama was right! Good things do come to those who wait!

So Blue has some problems, one of his poor feet has been clean torn off, and half of the front face was missing. Guess what? The face was a clean break and it was in the freaking drawer!! How cool is that? Now for the foot, that is where the repair comes in.

All you need to make those repairs is a little woodworking knowledge. No master carpenters over here. I know just enough to not cut a finger off and to be a little dangerous. Just pay attention to how you take things apart so you can put them back together! I noticed the other side was a little wonky too, so we did a repair on them both.

By using the measurements from the good side for the broken side, it was a piece of cake. I just happened to have the right width and thickness of board lying around in my shop, so I just matched the length. Then we cut the inside support boards and glued, screwed, and nailed it all back in place. Blue is big and strong now!

There are also chew marks from a puppy on the corners, so we needed to wood fill (you can use bondo too) those and edge them back out with a dremel tool. This seems daunting, but honey I promise it is super easy. Just use a gentle touch and set your rotary tool on low.

Cut a new piece of wallboard for the whole back using the old wallboard as a template was a breeze. I usually buy the Eucaboard from Home Depot for about $8 for a 4 x 8 ft. sheet. I needed two for this project, but I use this stuff all of the time, so I am sure it won’t last long, I’m on a pretty good roll.  It is easy to cut with a multi-purpose tool, or a jigsaw or even a circular/skill saw.

It was missing a few pieces of glass, except for one door, I was able to cut these. I will go into glass cutting in the next post. There are a few tricks and I don’t want to send you away with too much information, but again, if I can do it….you can do it!  If you are real nervous about glass cutting like I used to be, you can always just cut plexiglass, but that scratches real easy and can get cloudy and yellow over time.

Big Blue is almost ready for his big reveal! Stay tuned to see the finished product! He matches my dream dining room table perfectly, you can read about the table here. And he even plays well with the chairs, which you can read about here.

So don’t pass that next piece by, you never know what kind of treasure you can uncover if you let your mind wander a bit on that lost piece.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, drop them below!  And pictures of your creations!!  I love to see the pretty things everyone creates!

Until Next time,


Olde Made New

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  1. Lee Ann says:

    Great information here. We have a store called “Our Neighbors” and they have some old and interesting things in there a lot. I just am so scared to make something in worse shape than it was, if I try to repair it. I admire that you are able to do this and make it seem “sort of” simple. I do love seeing DIY projects, even though I am to scared to try them myself.

    1. Hi Lee Ann,

      We all are a little scared at first. Go get a piece at a thrift shop first to get over the fear, and then GO FOR IT!! I’m here if you have questions.

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