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I used just a cheap chip brush here to make the "sky" look broken with morning clouds.

How To Apply Silver Leaf On Furniture

You asked for it…here it is!

Hey everyone! Welcome back. This is part two of the makeover I did on Blue Crush. In this post I’m going to teach you how to apply silver leaf to your furniture to pull your design together. Metal leaf furniture just has that little extra somethin’ somethin’….ya know what I’m sayin’. Not only that, but it is so stinking easy to do y’all!

This is how to apply silver leaf to furniture to give your piece that wow!

We found Blue Crush at Goodwill for $40! I knew I wanted to apply silver leaf right away because ya’ll have been asking me to show you how to leaf furniture. I totally will! But first, let’s just recap.

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The start of the journey.

Like I mentioned above. We found this dresser at Goodwill for just $40! I used 5 different colors of Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint to paint the deepest, darkest part of the ocean starting with Abraham Blue, Royal Blue, Blue Morning, Sweet Dreams, and finally Summer Sky for the blueish green color of a morning sky just as dawn breaks. You can read more about that in part one of the makeover, which you can read about here.

If I had gotten my way, we would have had seaweed, coral, fish, birds, sun, and more clouds, but my client said no. And as you know…the customer is always right. So at least I got to make waves!

Let’s talk hardware.

I know you guys are anxious to get to the leaf, but real quick, let’s talk hardware. I tried with all my might to get my client to let me swap it out, but they really loved the brass pulls that came with the dresser. That’s was NOT going to work with my design!

Since I couldn’t buy new hardware, I just waxed it. But I didn’t use just any old metallic wax. Of course, I used my favorite Rainbow Silver Metallic Wax. The reason I love this stuff so much is that it is not gilding wax. It has the same effect as wax, but it dries harder than paint. You literally just apply it with an artist’s brush, I got mine from Amazon cheap and I love them. You can find them here.

Just clean your hardware with rubbing alcohol and apply….too easy!

On with the show!

Now let’s talk about how to apply silver leaf. First, depending on where you buy, you can get real or faux metallics sheets. The sheets come in a variety of metals and they all look awesome and can take your piece to the next level! I use the imitation. Amazon has a great deal on them! You can get 100 sheets each of gold, silver, and rose gold. I linked it for you here.

Metallic Leafing Sheets

So first, after you have painted your piece, you need to seal it and let it cure up at least overnight.

Now you are ready to apply your adhesive. There a few different options out there. I personally prefer Martha Stewart Gilding Adhesive, but it can be hard to find sometimes. If I can’t find it I use Speedball.

Gilding adhesive used for leafing

The only other things you need is a soft bristled artist brush (a perfect one comes in the pack I linked above), an artist brush for the adhesive, and a thick, soft sock.

Let’s leaf!

You cannot mess leafing up. It’s a very forgiving process. You can see a small demonstration I did here on my YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe while you are there please????. I truly appreciate it.


Get your adhesive and shake or stir it. LIGHTLY brush a thin layer of adhesive everywhere you want leaf. Be sure to work in small sections. Now you wait. It is like lash glue. You have to let it tack up.

Once the adhesive is tacky, start laying your leaf down. This stuff is very thin and delicate. It will tear easily. Just take the pieces that do and lay them down. Once all of your adhesive is covered, get your small brush and start very gently brushing the leaf into place. When all the leaf has flown and you are happy with your result, gently rub down with your sock. You can also use a microfiber rag, t shirt, or cheese cloth.

You can see the start of the silver leafing process here.

Then just keep repeating until you are done. Seal your whole piece one more time. And that’s it! This is a fun, but messy process. There will be leaf everywhere. But you piece will look amazing!!!

So get out there and try it and come back and show me what you did. Tell me in the comments below what you want to leaf????. If you have questions, drop those down there too. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Until next time,

Tina Marie

Olde Made New

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  • The gold leafing really brings out that piece! Also enjoyed the video tutorial. Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece.

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