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How To Use Lace As A Stencil On Furniture

Lace As A Stencil?

That’s right! I said use lace as a stencil on furniture. Ya’ll know I like to give every piece I paint a little extra pop, and when I was painting my latest makeover “Pretty In Pink”, there was no exception. The minute I saw her, I knew that I wanted some lace incorporated somewhere. A lace table runner for next to nothing was my stencil and in this post I am going to tell you how I did it and share this pretty lady’s journey with you. So get comfy and settle in for the ride.

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More Than Your Normal Wear And Tear

When I first got this piece, she was in really rough shape. First, she was as prickly as a porcupine. This usually happens when someone sprays their top coat on and doesn’t sand it between. Not a big deal, one of the things I love about Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint, is it is truly no prep.

All I had to do was lightly sand that down with my 600 grit sanding sponge, and in normal circumstances, I would be ready to paint. Unfortunately, someone had removed all of the veneer from this piece and chunked the wood out really good, and had left little prickly pieces on all the little details.

To combat this, I just used my 220 grit sanding block and knocked all of it down with a little bit of elbow grease. You have to love little sanding blocks.  They have 8 different grits and these babies are washable and reusable.  I linked them for you here.

Then, I took my mister bottle and a lint free rag and gave her a good once over with just plain water. Then I poured a little of my rubbing alcohol on a clean, damp lint free rag and went over her really good one more time. Let her air dry and you are ready to start slinging some paint!

Laying Down A Base Coat

Normally, I don’t worry about a base coat because Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint has great coverage. But this time I had a few factors to contend with. One….I was using a mix of the Vintage Rose and the Metallic Rose Gold to get my finish.

I have found that when painting with metallics, it is always easier to put down if you have a base coat underneath it. Second, I was going over a really dark stain and wanted to make sure my coverage was good. And finally, I wanted a little bit of a layered finish and the Coco really blends well with the Vintage Rose.

So I laid down a coat of Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint in Coco. Next, I needed a little bit of a light pink base coat. While I have almost every color that Rainbow carries, I didn’t have that color in my stock of paint, so I did a little mixing. Super easy, I just mixed probably 2 ounces of Antique White with just a few drops of Hot Tamale and got a really soft pink color.

I applied two coats of that mix over the Coco. I had great solid coverage and I was ready to make this baby sing!

A Slick Finish

I wanted this to be smooth like buttah to the touch so before I added the Vintage Rose with Metallic Rose Gold, I did a quick once over with my 600 grit sanding sponge. These little guys are great for knocking down brush strokes or just to smooth things out. And they rinse off and are reusable. I keep these bad boys in my work bench. You can grab yours here.

Using lace as a stencil gave this piece just the right amount of delicacy I was hoping for.


Now I am ready to add my metallic finish. Next, I grabbed my mister bottle and my Vintage Rose with Metallic Rose Gold and worked on one section at a time.

I always lightly mist my surface when I am laying down my metallic, it helps it lay down smoother, and the metallic in the paint make it try to dry faster, so it gives it a longer open time. Two coats and it’s done.

Now Onto The Lace Stencil

I had taken the drawers out while I painted the vanity and set them aside. I originally was going to paint the drawers with Antique white and go over that with Metallic White Pearl, and then decoupage the lace on the drawer front and then over that with the Vintage Rose. While I was on the phone with my business partner, Michelle Lopez of 4th Street Design Co., we decided I was going to try using the lace as a stencil. How hard could it be, right?

I used a table runner made of lace as a stencil on my drawer fronts to create this look.

So I stuck with my original plan and gave it a coat of Antique White for the base, because remember when we use metallic paints they need a base coat. Once again, I lightly misted the drawer with my water and then brushed on two coats of Metallic White Pearl.

While that was drying, I cut the runner into 4 equal pieces. Once the paint was dry I taped a piece down on each drawer front, I just stippled the Vintage Rose with Metallic Rose Gold over the lace.

Be sure to pull the lace off carefully immediately after you are done. If you allow the entire surface to dry and then remove it, it could pull up your stencil.

I stippled the paint on the lace as a stencil to give it a little bit of a distressed and worn look

Once they were dry, I added these fabulous knobs!!  Oh my goodness!  These are my absolute fave, I love these so much!  I got them at Hobby Lobby, and I linked them for you here.

the lace stenciled drawer fronts popped with the fabulous hardware

A Happy Accident

Now I was onto the finishing touches so you know I had to break out my Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint Metallic Wax. At first, I thought I was going to do solid wax, and I did on the band around the top of the vanity like you see here.

But something got set on the top of the vanity and drug across it, so I had to touch up and accidentally got paint on my wax. When I went to wipe it off it started pulling up my wax, so I got my 600 grit sanding sponge, and OMG!!! I loved the distressed wax look it gave!

What did I do?  Simply painted over all of my wax details and sanded it back. I swear that 95 percent of my awesome finishes come about this way. I have an angel on my shoulder I guess, because the client loved it, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out. And this wax is so easy to apply, as you can see below. I love it.


Seal Her Up

All that was left was to make sure the finish was protected. Because of the metallics, I decided to go with a clear wax. If you haven’t tried Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint Clear Wax yet, you don’t know what you are missing. This stuff is beyond amazing. This wax glides on so easy, and you guys, it cures completely in 20 minutes!!!

What?? Yes, 20 minutes. I have never seen another product like it. I did a short little video showing you how easy it is to use.


Then we just staged her up for her close up and then she was off to her forever home. Another piece finished and more things learned. I’d say it was a productive week here at Olde Made New.  I layered this finish a lot like I did the finish on my jewlery box that I did a few months ago.  You can read that post here.

Let me know what pretty things you are working on and tell me what you think of Pretty In Pink. We love comments and love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,


Olde Made New

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