Layered Painting Technique For A Vintage Look

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A Vintage Look For A Jewelry Armoire

Hey ya’ll! I can’t wait to show you this awesome layered painting technique! I know it has been a little while since I last posted. I had some change and growth in my business and was just fighting to catch up! But I am back and super excited about my newest makeover. Layered painting techniques are nothing new. Pinterest is flooded with them. But I love being able to take something newer and make it look vintage. I love the finished product so much I can’t wait to put my jewelry in it!!

So I don’t wear jewelry much at all. But for some reason my Daddy buys it for me every Christmas and Birthday without fail. At least this year he got me somewhere to put it all! But I am doing a complete makeover on my bedroom, so it needed to fit in with my vision. So enter the layered painting techniques! I recently tried a new paint that I am in love with! Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint is a truly versatile paint and it is truly NO PREP!

This post contains affiliate links. This in no way effects your cost for the products, it simply helps me to bring you great products that I use in my makeovers and I make a very small percentage which helps me to continue to bring you makeovers, ideas and tutorials. Rather thank pepper my articles with affiliate links, I link all of my supplies and where I buy them in my supply list.

Supply List:

  1. Gloves
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Mister bottle
  4. Lint free rags
  5. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint in Antique Gray
  6. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint in Mettalic White Pearl
  7. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint in Dark Charcoal
  8. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint Mettalic Wax in Galaxy
  9. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint Gloss Top Coat
  10. Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint Small High Density Topcoat Foam Applicator
  11. 1 inch Rainbow Chalk No-Prep Paint Natural Brush

Prepping For Paint

All that you have to do to prep a smooth surface for paint is clean it with a damp towel and rubbing alcohol. I just wet a towel and then pour the alcohol right on it. Wipe everything down really good and then just let it air dry. That’s it. No primer, no sanding…nothing! This paint is speaking my love language!!!

And I have used it on the cheap furniture, wood, metal, and glass. No problems on any of the applications! Adhered first time every time. Two to three coats. No muss, no fuss. It really is just that easy.

Putting the paint down

The trick to this paint truly is the brush. I have used synthetic brushes most of the time, and I loved the results and ease of clean up, and they leave minimal strokes in my paint. Guess what?!?! This paint is self leveling!! So even if there are brush strokes, they level out. The tip is thin light coats. Let the paint do the work. Don’t mash it down on your piece. Brush it on like you would put blush or powder on your face. Light touch. To play with it is to love it I promise!

I started with the Antique Gray as my base coat. I didn’t need even three ounces of paint to get solid coverage on my piece. Two coats and it was covered solid. Another thing….this paint dries so freaking fast! Like by the time I finish a coat, where I started is completely dry already. So two coats only took me about 15 minutes tops. I loved the color, but it didn’t look vintage. So the first thing I did was give it a single coat of the Metallic White Pearl. I think I might have used an ounce or ounce and a half of it. It had some dimension now. But it still wasn’t quite where I wanted it. So I decided to do a wash or glaze with the Dark Charcoal. When you do a wash or glaze with paint you brush it on and wipe it back. Make sure you have your mister and work in small sections so that you can wipe it back. If it isn’t wiping back enough, just mist it and wipe again.

Put my little sassy on it!

So the last thing I wanted to do was to get rid of the brassy hardware and really highlight the intricate details on the face. So for this I used the Metallic Wax in Galaxy. It’s a really deep deep grayish silver. You don’t wipe this wax back a ton. You can apply it like paint with an artist brush or your finger. It sets up in minutes. And if you don’t like it, take a damp towel and wipe it back, or use a baby wipe to take it off and start over. I was happy with the first run though. I did this on a LIVE on my Facebook page. You can see how easily it sets up. I mean my goodness… I think they peaked in my mind!

Finally, it was time to seal the piece. So I put the hardware back on and then stirred up my Gloss Topcoat and applied one thin coat with the foam brush. It was pretty late once I got that done, so I called it a night. Got up the next morning and hit it with one more coat and bang bang…it’s DONE!

I really love the results and I can’t wait as I bring you more projects completed with these amazing products!!

My Review

Ok guys. I have been painting for a little while now, and I can tell you all paints are not created equal. There are some great paint brands out there. Your feeds are flooded with them day after day. But this paint ya’ll! No VOC, it’s water based so it cleans up easily, but when it is down and dry it is down and dry. Some people may view this as a weakness since most chalky style paints reactivate with water, I personally and calling it a strength. This means no or very minimal ghosting when you put a hand across it, better coverage, and it dries so much faster and smoother than any other brand I have used. They have more than 40 colors, several metallic options, and the waxes…oh my oh my! The only thing I have used to date that I had any kind of complaint with is the smell of the clear wax. But the way the clear wax goes down and seals and sets up I am in love with. Just do it in an open area. You can blend with it still as long as you do a wet blend, which I will cover in a future post, I showed you in this post that you can glaze and wash with it. It’s great for beginners and experienced painters. So I am in love you guys. Try the paint and tell me if you don’t agree. Not to mention, not many brands out there will work with you when you are just starting out and Kary and Miguel, the owners and creators of Rainbow Chalk No Prep Paint, don’t subscribe to that practice. You don’t even have to have a blog to work with them! What???? And the shipping is MUCH cheaper than you will find with most paint brands.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please drop them below. I would love to connect with you!

Until next time party people,


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