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My DIY Makeover Continues

China Cabinet Rescue

Hi friends! If you read my last post, then you saw how ugly this last furniture find was. First, it was a laminate piece, and the base had seen some damage, not to mention lots of peeling and bubbling on the sides and top. Not pretty. But I fell in love with it, and Mom’s beautiful Kaiser Porcelain LP China deserved a beautiful home!  Here is Big Blue before he came home to be reloved and that limited production china that has never been displayed.

We repaired the damage, and you can read how we did that here. Then we cleaned the piece with the shop vac and some TSP and did some very light sanding with a 220 grit sponge to just make the primer and paint adhere to the surface.

What I did next was very very very important for a smooth finish on a damaged laminate piece of furniture. I triple coated it with primer. Why, you may ask? Well because when laminate damages and bubbles and can’t be smoothed out with sanding, which this one couldn’t, you have to level the surface out. One way to do this is to layer the primer and sand it smooth. Let me tell you this clearly though. Layer, dry, sand, layer, dry, sand, layer, dry, and sand. Now I have a completely smooth, paint adhering surface to work with.

This paint went on like frosting on a cake. I used latex for this one to color match it to my dining room, so I used my good old buddy Floetrol to condition the paint and increase the open time so the paint could self level. Worked like a charm. Just work with a wet edge and don’t try to clean your rollor or brush and you will be golden.  Unfortunately, I had to wait 2 days between coats because I live in Texas, and the humidity was in the 70% range so it took forever to dry completely. When you are using latex paint, MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETELY DRY BETWEEN COATS. This is extremely important to the project curing correctly. Otherwise it will always feel sticky and nobody wants that.

This next part was so much fun! I decoupaged the backing on the top!  I didn’t get pictures from the process, but I did do a tutorial on Facebook on a picture frame for my desk here I found this fabric when I was shopping for the fabric for the chairs, but we went with a different fabric to pull in the wood from the table-top. This was on clearance though and matched so perfectly that I couldn’t pass it up. I was thinking curtains, or place mats, or napkins, or a runner. So glad I used it for this! And guess what? I still have enough to do those other projects too (doing my happy dance over here).


I also had to get some replacement knobs for two of the doors. I found these two beautiful knobs at Hobby Lobby and I am contemplating doing all four and just getting rid of the knockers and painting the brass. What do ya’ll think?

I know there are scores of talented furniture painters out there that do the fancy finishes, and I am in love with them all. I was wanting to do that when I first got this piece, but when I got it into my shop, simplicity just rang out to me. I felt like it would just be way too much with the fabric and the texture of my flat finish and finally with my space it would not have fit in to the design. But LOOK OUT! I am doing a new coffee bar for my next personal makeover, and that little corner is going to get all kinds of sass!

If you have any questions about my process or the products I used or comments on this makeover, leave them in the comments below. And ya’ll, leave me some pics of what you are making beautiful! I love seeing others ideas brought to life!

Until next time friends,


Olde Made New


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