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Painted Whimsy With A Touch Of Class

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Glossy Red With A Touch Of Class

Hey, hey everyone!  I have never painted a whimsical piece before….can you believe that?  But man!  I was trying to make it all whimsy, but she turned out having quite the touch of class.  This one was like a crucible for me from beginning to end.  I have explained over and over and over again how to paint.  This article is going to give you the REAL story!  But of course it will end with the beauty that I have dubbed “Lady In Red”.  The touch of class isn’t what I was going for, but I love that it is what I ended up with.The makeover on this vintage dresser was whimsical and classy!


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My First Plan To Give Her A Touch Of Class

Initially, I wanted to paint the shell bright red (like I did), the small top drawers and sides black (which I did).  I also wanted to accent the sides with gold pin stripes (also did), and put harlequins on the drawers.  Of course I ran all this by the client, and she wholeheartedly agreed!  So I spent 3 hours measuring and taping.



First, the problem was they were too straight, could I skew them to give them some movement.  Wierd, but okay.  Remember I say the customer is always right.  So I skewed it.  Painted the drawers and was almost done with the initial banding of the harlequins, and I have to send a progress picture.  The harlequins were too small, can I make them bigger.

This is the problem sometimes with custom work.  But if you charge a custom price, you have to paint custom.  So I sanded the drawers down, spent another three hours taping and banding, and get all of the gold striping laid down.  I am super impressed with myself.  I move on to striping the sides, which is more taping and banding with gold.  I’m completely done with one side and about to start the other when I get the request for the progress picture.  So I send it gladly because I am super impressed with myself.  I don’t hear back, so I just keep on taping and banding.  Then my alert goes off.

Now the harlequins are just too much.  Let’s just paint the drawers solid black.  I fought back every impulse to respond and just put my supplies away and went inside for the night.

Divine Intervention

The good Lord must have known I needed a minute, because it rained for the next two weeks straight.  I just took it as a sign.  But once the weather dried up, I set about the task of sanding the drawers back….again.  Three coats of Salem….again.  I was just ready to be done with the whole project and get it out of my life at this point.

A touch of whimsy was achieved on this knockout by using bright red to contrast with glossy black and lots of gold details

But I think the Devil was trying me, because after I get everything all top-coated and sealed, the drawers will not go in this dresser no matter what I did.  I don’t cake paint so I honestly didn’t think it was that.  It wasn’t incredibly humid, but I thought maybe the drawers swelled because of the rain.  So I brought them inside in the air conditioning for three days.  Still won’t go into the dresser.  So I get my sander out and sand around the edges of the drawers.  I’ll be darned if those suckers didn’t slide right in like butter.

So I called the customer to verify this was okay, and she said yes.  So I thought, thank the Lord, let’s get her polished up and staged and out of here before anything changes!

Darn You Texas Weather

I knew with this piece I wanted a super glossy finish.  That was the only thing that would work.  So I get out my Gloss Top-Coat and start brushing it on, and it was drying on my brush because we hit a dad gum heat wave!  If it had been my dresser I think I would have just lit a match at this point.  So I call Mrs. Rainbow, and ask if we can spray our top coat.  Don’t know.  No one had ever tried it before.

I have to say I was scared, and of course now I have to sand back and then touch up and then wet sand my pretty red finish on the top again, so I took another day.  Next morning I get up and it’s raining again.  I wanted to cry.  I felt like I was never going to be done with this beastie.

Finally The Stars Align

Next day I get up and it isn’t extremely hot yet, so I get out there and get moving.  I get the top sand back, I touch up the paint, and wet sand it one last time.  Finally, after a good wipe down so NOTHING messes with my finish, I loaded my HVLP Sprayer up with my Gloss Top-Coat.  I sprayed thin, light coats.  I did four coats just to be safe, letting them dry a full hour between coats.

Gold hardware, gold details, and high gloss make this piece glam with class!

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  The heavens opened and I hear angels singing.  She was so pretty!  I made sure I moved her right out to be staged, got my pictures and off she went to her forever home!  I love you Lady In Red, but you are an evil mistress girlfriend!  Just kidding…kind of, not really.

Every project you have isn’t going to go according to plan.  Most of the time they don’t.  Some of my best pieces are happy accidents!  You just have to let the piece speak to you instead of you doing the talking.  Especially when you are doing a themed peice.  Just take your time and listen to it.  That is the flash reflection up there it is so glossy and classy!  I just love it!

I’d love to know what you think about Lady In Red!  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!


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  1. She’s beautiful, wow what a journey to get er done !

  2. Lillan Rans says:

    It turned out beautiful but what an ordeal. But you got it done.


    Painted Whimsy With A Touch Of Class – Olde Made New

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