Sheer Will: A New Podcast For Women

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Why it had to be “Sheer Will”

Hey ya’ll! I know it has been two weeks, but I have been very busy! So did anyone have any New Year’s resolutions this year? I didn’t have a resolution, so much as a vision. I had a vision of the things I would like to accomplish this year. Creating and launching a podcast specifically for women was number one on my list. It is all about self-help, and self-care for women. No I am not a doctor, or a PhD on the subject. But man, have I survived a lot! I really feel that God put this on my heart for a reason. So I have to go with it. It’s almost like that craving you just have to have…yeah that kind of feeling!

But guess what ya’ll….I did it! The first episode went live last Sunday, and I just released my second episode! It is so freeing! I cannot even begin to put into words…but I am sure going to try!

A little scary, but here goes nothing!

So anyone who says starting a podcast is easy is lying through their teeth. Finding the right host, then understanding how to get it out there, and then the actual recording and mixing of the podcast itself. It won’t upload, your artwork isn’t the right dimension. Oh My Goodness! I recorded the first one like 20 times! So if this is something you want to do I am going to give you just a few tips on what I have learned so far. Now mind you, I am NO EXPERT! I only have two episodes out there. But this information was not readily available, just host after host telling me how easy it was.

But before I get into that, I want to tell you a little about my podcast and let you know where you can find it and how to subscribe to it. My website is going to have to do a lot for me in the coming year, so it will only host the last five episodes in the player at a time, so if you want to catch them all this is need to know information, and with the stuff I am talking about, and some of the guests that I have lined up, yeah, you need to know!

What is it all about?

Glad you asked! Sheer Will is the name of my podcast. It had to be that, because there is no way I would have made through anything I have lived through and be standing (or sitting at the moment) here to tell you about it other than by God’s grace and my own sheer will. It is all about overcoming a past, surviving loss, grief, shame, depression, and how to own all of that to get to where I am now. But it isn’t just me. After I speak my truth, I will be bringing some friends on to speak theirs as well. It’s time to share our stories to help others. And guys, can I tell you, it is already totally worth it. The very first day, I had over 70 messages from women sharing their stories and thanking me for sharing mine. I was crying tears of sheer joy (pun intended) when I read them.

You can listen by clicking any of the links below. I am on Spotify, Google Play Music, and I am awaiting approval from iTunes, or you can subscribe directly through my host page. If you want to take a listen first, you can listen on the player embedded on the new page that includes this post, titled Sheer Will Podcast.




So are you thinking of starting a podcast? Keep reading for my tips. As I learn, I will share them.

Tips for starting your podcast…

First, decide on what you want the premise to be. Is it something that you can keep building on long term? For me, this was my whole reason for starting a blog, a business, a creative group, a coaching group, and a podcast. My message. Make sure it makes sense for what you are doing.

Next, it needs a name. And the name needs to be something that embraces the spirit of what you are doing. If you are self promoting, yes, your name makes sense. While my podcast will help build my coaching group in helping women start their creative business or take them online, I still want to reach women outside of that. So my name wouldn’t work, my business name wouldn’t work, or my coaching group name. It needed to be separate.

Find a free host to start out. There are a ton of paid hosts, there are a ton of free ones. I went with Buzzsprout, because they optimized my podcast to be listed with the big boys, and they have a ton of training and great information on how to launch a successful podcast. Also, if it was a complete belly flop, I didn’t want to be invested too deeply into it.

You don’t need a mic or a bunch of software to start. I started with just my phone and an audio recording app. Now what is not readily made available to you. It sounds like stereo quality microphones would be awesome….not for a podcast. Even if you are just using your phone, switch to a mono recording.

Download Audacity, and watch some YouTube to learn how to clip, cut, and merge things into your podcast. Practice makes perfect. My first podcast was very rough. The second one is better, my third will be even better.

Make an outline of what you want to say. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just you talking. I was more nervous recording my podcast and had a harder time staying on topic than I ever did doing a Facebook Live or an IG story. Be sure to give yourself time, make sure it’s quiet, and speak your truth.

That’s all the advice I have for you for now. Please give my cast a listen and let me know your thoughts. I love hearing from my followers and engaging with them, and when you comment, it helps me grow as a business.

Until Next Time,

Tina Marie

Olde Made New


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