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Up Next! Customized Bar Stools!

Another treasure found…

So, confession time. I am a Facebook Marketplace troll!! Shhhh…don’t tell anyone. I browse it when I first wake up, during my second cup of coffee, lunchtime, while I’m riding in the car, cooking dinner…TROLL! But sometimes it seriously pays off.

Our current bar stools, the three that are still kind of standing, are very cheap, and very old, and very broken. They swivel, which I absolutely hate, but now only one does, they are stained, there are only three left, and there are four of us. Oh, and they totally don’t match my vision for the space.

Trumpets sounding…I found four of these babies and got them all for $20! If you have had occasion to shop for bar stools, which I have, they are not cheap. But I am soooooo excited that I found these.

My vision…

So I am picturing these completely customized bar stools in white paint, slightly distressed and of course I found a fabulous fabric for the seats and snagged enough for a roman shade for the kitchen window!! Look for the post with all the pictures and step by step walk through later in the week. I’m doing these right since they will get a lot of use so the process will take a few days.

Leave me any comments or questions below.  Do you have a customized barstool picture to share?  Drop it below!  I love admiring everyone’s treasures!

See you soon,


Olde Made New

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